Denver, CO — Today, KUNC reported that nine people have come forward with accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct against Rep. Steve Lebsock. Senate Democratic Leader Lucia Guzman released the following statement:

“Steve Lebsock’s behavior is unacceptable, and he must resign immediately. No one should be made to feel unsafe by unwanted sexual advances, period.

We stand with Representative Winter and applaud her decision to come forward, as well as the eight others who chose to speak up and seek justice. Coming forward with an accusation of sexual harassment is an incredibly difficult decision, and we commend those who have spoken out regarding their experiences.

We take this issue extremely seriously, and will strongly advocate for a thorough and impartial investigation of these allegations. The very fact that so many victims have come forward is a clear indication that the Colorado legislature’s process for reporting and addressing sexual harassment is in urgent need of review and improvement.

The massive number of people across the country who have come forward with their own stories in response to the #MeToo campaign shows how commonplace this behavior has become. That enduring incidents of sexual harassment is an expected aspect of so many people’s day-to-day lives speaks to a systemic crisis in America’s workplaces.

We strongly encourage victims who are comfortable speaking out to do so, and will stand with them in ensuring that this crucial issue continues to receive the attention it deserves. The national movement to finally end a culture that protects harassers and abusers has gained undeniable momentum in the past month. We will continue to fight for policies that both prevent as many of these incidents as possible and provide true justice for victims.”

Full report from KUNC: Lawmakers And Lobbyists Accuse Steve Lebsock Of Sexual Harassment; Speaker Calls For His Resignation

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This press release was originally published on November 10, 2017. Please visit our press page for follow-up questions and additional media inquiries.