A Total of 21 Pieces of Legislation and a Resolution Sponsored by Rachel Zenzinger Have Become Law

Arvada, CO – August 9, 2018 – Yesterday, twelve new pieces of legislation sponsored by Senator Rachel Zenzinger (D-Arvada), passed by the General Assembly, and signed into law by Governor John Hicknelooper went into effect. In addition to these 12 new laws, Senator Zenzinger also passed 9 laws and a resolution that took effect prior to August 8th.

“I’ve fought tirelessly to pass inclusive legislation that reflects our state’s attitudes and serves the people of Colorado better, whether it be fixing outdated oddities in existing legislation or finding solutions to our state’s most pressing issues,” said Senator Zenzinger, who represents District 19, which incorporates the Jefferson County side of Westminster and most of Arvada.

“Because I serve a politically diverse district in the State Senate, I carefully examined each piece of legislation to see how it would benefit the members of my district and Colorado. I proudly support each piece of legislation and know that these new laws will help Coloradans – regardless of party or politics,” added Senator Zenzinger.

Senator Zenzinger is a member of the Education Committee, Transportation Committee, Statutory Revision Committee, Student Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee, School Finance Interim Committee, and the CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) Efficiency and Accountability Committee.

These 12 pieces of legislation that took effect on August 8th include:


  • Enforcement Statewide Degree Transfer Agreements – SB18-069 – This bill concerns the enforcement of statewide degree transfer agreements, allowing individuals to freely transfer credits between institutions of higher education without having to spend additional money to retake courses.

Children and Domestic Matters

  • Outdated References to “Illegitimate” Children – SB18-095 – The bill removes or modernizes outdated statutory references to a ‘legitimate’ or ‘illegitimate’ child and a ‘child born out of wedlock.’ Colorado only recognizes parentage of a child and acknowledges that the parent and child relationship extends equally to every child and every parent, regardless of the marital status of the parents.
  • Terminology Referencing “Rights of Married Women” – SB18-090 – The bill modernizes the language in statutory sections concerning the ‘rights of married women’ to be inclusive of married men and women.


  • Odometer Reading Physical Vehicle Identification Number Verification – SB18-102 – The bill repeals the requirement that the odometer be read when a motor vehicle’s identification number is physically verified.
  • Private Interstate Commercial Vehicle Registration – HB18-1042 – The bill creates the expedited registration program. The program authorizes the department of revenue to promulgate rules authorizing private providers to register interstate commercial vehicles. The provider may collect and retain a convenience fee.
  • Reporting Requirements Department Of Transportation And Department Of Public Safety To General Assembly – HB18-1137 – Pursuant to section 24-1-136 (11)(a)(I), Colorado Revised Statutes, any report that is required to be made to the general assembly by an executive agency or the judicial branch on a periodic basis expires on the day after the third anniversary of the date on which the first report was due unless the general assembly, acting by bill, continues the requirement. The bill continues reporting requirements of the departments of transportation and public safety.

Human Services

  • Modernize Early Childhood Council Language – HB18-1141 – The bill removes outdated references in statute to ‘early childhood care and education councils’. The term is no longer used. Instead, these entities are referred to as ‘early childhood councils’.


  • Reporting Requirements for Park Fees Set by Rule – HB18-1139 – The bill removes obsolete references to a statutory subsection that was repealed on September 1, 2017. Because the repealed statutory subsection concerned the manner in which the parks and wildlife commission sets fees by rule, the bill replaces the obsolete references with references to the parks and wildlife commission’s fee-setting rules.


  • Repeal Nomination Vacancy Filling In Municipal Elections – SB18-107 – The bill repeals the process by which a vacancy in nomination may be filled for an election conducted under the ‘Colorado Municipal Code of 1965’ and makes conforming amendments.
  • Remove Term “Pauper” From Colorado Revised Statutes – HB18-1142 – The bill modernizes the language in statutory sections by replacing the terms ‘pauper’ and ‘paupers’ with ‘indigent’ or ‘indigent persons’.
  • Public Officials Oaths & Affirmations – HB18-1138 – The bill establishes a single uniform text for swearing or affirming an oath of office and the requirements regarding how and when an oath or affirmation of office must be taken, subscribed, administered, and filed


  • Unconstitutional Language Interest On Damages – SB18-098 – The bill amends section 13-21-101 (1), Colorado Revised Statutes, concerning interest on damages to reflect a 1996 decision made by the Colorado supreme court that ruled certain language in that subsection violated the equal protection clause of the constitution.


An Arvada resident with a deep background in education and public school advocacy, Rachel Zenzinger was elected to the State Senate in 2016. Before coming to the State Senate, Rachel was elected twice to serve on the Arvada City Council, where she also filled the role of Mayor Pro Tem. Rachel had previously represented the district when she was appointed to serve in the State Senate for the 2014 legislative session. She currently serves on the Senate Education, Transportation, and Statutory Revision Committees. Sen. Zenzinger is also a member of the School Finance Interim Committee and the CDOT Efficiency and Accountability Committee.