January 31, 2019

Denver, CO – The Senate Health and Human Services Committee today passed SB19-005, Prescription Drug Imports from Canada, a bill that would allow Coloradans to save money on prescription drugs by importing them from Canada. The bill, sponsored by Senators Robert Rodriguez and Joann Ginal, passed through committee on a 4-to-1 vote and now moves to the Appropriations Committee for consideration. 

“It is unacceptable that Coloradans have to pay more than our neighbors to the North for the exact same prescription. No one should ever have to choose between paying for the prescription medicine they need or paying their mortgage, student loan, or even just putting food on the table,” said Senator Rodriguez.

“This legislation is about saving people money on the medicine they need,” said Senator Ginal. “We look forward to working with our colleagues in both the Senate and the House, as well as with Governor Polis, to ensure that prescriptions are affordable for every Coloradan.”

Americans often pay far more for the exact same prescription drug as consumers in other countries, For example, Lyrica costs $6.04 in the United States, but only 63 cents in Canada. Americans pay more than $150 dollars for Lipitor, a popular cholesterol drug, while Canadian patients can pay less than $50.

This legislation would create the “Colorado Wholesale Importation of Prescription Drugs Act,” under which the department of health care policy and financing (department) shall design a program to import prescription pharmaceutical products from Canada for sale to Colorado consumers.

For more information about SB19-005, please visit: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb19-005.