Senator Angela Williams Hosts Kids Business Expo to Showcase Young Entrepreneurs

February 11, 2019

Denver, CO —The Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee today voted unanimously  to advance SB19-103, Legalizing Minors’ Businesses, a bill sponsored by Senator Angela Williams (D-Denver) that would allow children in Colorado under the age of 18 to operate an occasional business without having to purchase a license. The bill now moves to Senate floor for a second reading on consent calendar.

“Whether it be starting a lemonade stand, mowing the lawn, or shoveling snow, we need to be encouraging our kids’ creativity and entrepreneurial spirit – not discouraging it,” said Senator Williams. “I am proud to sponsor this bill, with bipartisan support, so that kids can innovate and let their creativity flow.”

SB19-103 would allow Colorado’s kids under the age of 18 to operate their business without having to purchase the multiple permits currently required under local law. The bill stipulates that these businesses must operate for fewer than 84 days of the year and be located a sufficient distance from other commercial entities.

To showcase the importance of youth entrepreneurship ahead of the bills hearing, Senator Williams hosted the Kids Business Expo at the State Capitol where more than 20 kids between the ages of six and 17 presented their businesses to lawmakers.

“The Kids Business Expo was a fantastic opportunity to see the incredible businesses that can flourish if we change our existing laws that prohibit them from operating,” added Senator Williams.

This bill has been introduced alongside a coalition of dedicated partners who believe in the power of young business owners to become future business leaders including: the Young Americans Center, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lemonade Day, Dream Tank, Tesla FinTech, Denver Public Schools After School Alliance, Dream Catcher USA, Junior Achievement and the National Federation of Independent Businesses – Colorado.