February 15, 2019

Denver, CO – Today, the Colorado State Senate voted 29-0 (with six Senators excused) to pass SB19-103, a bill that would allow children in Colorado to operate an occasional business without a license. Sponsored by Sen. Angela Williams (D-Denver), this bill will help reduce red tape and encourage kids’ creativity. It now moves to the Colorado House of Representatives for consideration.

“After Jennifer Knowles and her three young sons had their lemonade stand shut down because they didn’t have the right permits, I knew something had to be done,” said Senator Williams. “I’m glad that the Senate voted overwhelmingly to protect minors’ businesses, allowing kids to learn the power of entrepreneurship and hard work.”

SB19-103 effectively legalizes lemonade stands, snow removal, and other kid-owned businesses across Colorado by reducing expensive and prohibitive licensing requirements, as long as the businesses operate for fewer than 84 days each year and are located at a proper distance from other businesses.

“This commonsense bill lets kids be kids. I’m proud that we are tearing down unnecessary barriers that would have prevented them from learning new skills and venturing into the business world at a young age,” added Senator Williams.

On Monday, Senator Williams hosted a Kids Business Expo in the Capitol, and many of these “kidpreneurs” showed off their creativity and even testified on the bill before the Business, Labor, and Technology Committee later that afternoon.