March 4, 2019

Denver, CO – The Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee voted this afternoon 3-to-2 to advance HB19-1007, Contribution Limits for County Offices, a bill sponsored by Senator Rachel Zenzinger that would establish limits under the “Fair Campaign Practices Act” for candidates for county offices. The bill now heads to the Appropriations Committee for consideration.

“Fair elections are one of the most important parts of American democracy,” said Senator Zenzinger. “Limiting campaign contributions for county offices isn’t a red or a blue issue, it is the right thing to do that will protect and uphold our democracy at the local level.”

Current state law does not set campaign contribution limits for county offices. This bill would set the contribution limit for the primary and general elections at $1,250 for an individual, $12,500 for a small donor committee, and $22,125 for a political party. The limits are to be adjusted for inflation over time.

HB19-1007 also requires disclosure of campaign finance information and the filing of disclosure reports for contributions made to or received by a candidate for a county office.

“It is important to encourage transparency in elections of all levels, and this legislation will lead to clearer, more honest elections throughout Colorado,” added Senator Zenzinger.

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