March 8, 2019

Denver, CO – The Colorado State Senate today voted 18-to-17 to pass SB19-077, Electric Motor Vehicles Public Utility Services, a bill sponsored by Senator Angela Williams that will allow investor-owned utility companies to own and operate electric motor vehicle charging stations as part of their regulated services in an effort to expand the use of electric cars in Colorado. It now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

“I am proud that the Senate passed this bill which will encourage electric vehicle usage in our state, benefiting our economy, our businesses, and our environment,” said Senator Williams. “This is a commonsense solution that will ensure Colorado continues to be a leader in environmental protection and economic growth.”

SB19-077 encourages electric vehicle use in Colorado by giving energy companies and the Public Utilities Commission a common goal: to encourage more electric charging stations throughout the state. This bipartisan bill improves our state’s infrastructure and economy in the short-term and will help our entire state move toward a future of electric vehicles in the long-term.For more information about SB19-077, please visit