March 13, 2019

Denver, CO – The Senate Health and Human Services Committee unanimously voted today to advance HB19-1038, Dental Services For Pregnant Women On Children’s Basic Health Plan Plus, a bill from Senators Tammy Story (D-Jefferson County) and Joann Ginal (D-Fort Collins) that will increase access to dental care for children and pregnant women. The bill will now move to the Committee on Appropriations for consideration.

Unfortunately, hundreds of pregnant women who are insured through the Child Health Plan Plus – a state public low-cost health insurance program for children and pregnant women – do not have access to dental healthcare. HB19-1038 will expand access to dental care to all enrollees, including children and pregnant women.

“This bill will help pregnant women and vulnerable children access the healthcare they need,” said Senator Story. “As a mother, I understand just how critical prenatal care can be and, as a Senator, I am committed to supporting Colorado families, including children and mothers, all across our state.”

“As a former healthcare professional, I can tell you that dental care is an important part of overall health, particularly for pregnant women and children,” said Senator Ginal. “I am hopeful that this bill will increase access to dental care that Colorado women and children need.”

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