March 13, 2019

Denver, CO – The Senate Judiciary Committee voted this afternoon 3-to-2 to advance HB19-1039, Identity Documents for Transgender Persons, legislation sponsored by Senator Dominick Moreno (D-Commerce City) that would make it simpler for transgender Coloradans to obtain birth certificates with their correct gender designation. The bill now heads to Senate Committee on Appropriations for consideration.

“Everyone deserves to live their true life without government standing in their way. The current process for transgender Coloradans to be correctly represented on their birth certificate is complicated and time consuming,” said Senator Moreno. “This bill will remove a great deal of red tape so that transgender individuals can more easily obtain a birth certificate that actually reflects who they are.”

Currently, transgender individuals must obtain a court order stating they have had a sex change by surgical procedure to have their birth certificate amended. HB19-1039 will no longer require a court order for Coloradans to secure a legal name change when seeking an updated birth certificate to accurately reflect their correct gender designation. The bill also makes it simpler for people born out of state to have their birth certificate amended in Colorado.

“Requiring a serious medical procedure in order to change one’s gender on a birth certificate is expensive and violating,” said Senator Moreno. “I am proud to see my bill to support the transgender community of Colorado take this important step forward out of committee.”

HB19-1039 would also exempt transgender individuals from having to submit a public notice of name change. Additionally, it makes transgender Coloradans eligible to be issued a new driver’s license or identity document with the proper gender denotation.

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