March 14, 2019

Denver CO – The Senate Local Government Committee unanimously voted today to advance HB19-1052, Early Childhood Development Special District, a bill sponsored by Senator Jeff Bridges (D-Arapahoe County) to allow the creation of early childhood development service districts. The bill now moves to the Committee of the Whole for consideration.

“Every kid deserves a fair shot at success no matter where they come from,” said Senator Bridges. “Early childhood dollars are the most impactful education dollars we can spend. This bipartisan bill will make it easier for families throughout Colorado to get their kids a high-quality education, and for every child in our state to reach their full potential and contribute to our economy.”

The creation of early childhood development service districts would support children up to eight years of age with educational and developmental services as well as physical and mental healthcare. HB19-1052 would not only encourage the creation of such districts, but would also allow local communities to vote on how they would pay for early childhood development services.

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