March 21, 2019

Denver, CO – The Senate Education Committee this afternoon voted 3-to-2 to pass SB19-171, Apprenticeships and Vocational Technical Training, a bill sponsored by Senator Jessie Danielson (D-Jefferson County) to increase awareness of apprenticeship and vocational technical training programs in Colorado. The bill now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration.

“Every Coloradan deserves a fair shot at success, but no one follows the exact same path,” said Senator Danielson. “Apprenticeship and vocational training programs can give Coloradans a pathway to good-paying jobs and stable careers, but in order to make these valuable programs more accessible to all Coloradans, we need to make sure people know they exist.”

SB19-171 would require the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to create a state apprenticeship resource directory with detailed information on every apprenticeship program in Colorado. Directory information requirements would include the application process, requirements for enrollment, costs, and program outcomes.

“We need to make sure Coloradans know about the kinds of careers they can pursue through apprenticeships and vocational technical training programs so they can build a future that works for them,” added Senator Danielson.

Thousands of Coloradans already receive similar information about educational opportunities available at colleges and universities, and this bill would simply increase access to such information on lesser-known apprenticeship and vocational programs. The Department of Labor and Employment would be required to promote the availability of the directory to further increase access to these programs.

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