March 21, 2019

Denver CO –– The Colorado State Senate recently voted unanimously to pass HB19-1191, Allow Farm Stands On Any Size Principal Use Site, a bill sponsored by Senator Kerry Donovan (D-Vail) that would support the agricultural industry and small businesses by deregulating where farm stands can operate. The bill now heads to Governor Jared Polis for his signature.

“I am a proud rancher, but too much unnecessary regulation prohibits many farms and ranches from selling what they produce,” said Senator Donovan. “This legislation will support those small businesses and let locals buy directly from the farm or ranch.”

In many jurisdictions across the state, a farm stand is not permitted to operate if located on a principal use site that is smaller than a certain acreage size. This bill would removes unnecessary regulation and allow local farmers and ranchers more freedom to sell what they produce.

“The men and women of Colorado’s agricultural industry are some of the hardest working individuals in the state, and we need to do more to ensure their businesses and families can thrive,” added Senator Donovan.

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