March 21, 2019

Denver, CO – The Senate Transportation and Energy Committee today voted 5-to-2 to pass SB19-096, Collect Long Term Climate Change Data, a bill sponsored by Senator Kerry Donovan (D- Vail) to collect the necessary data to help Colorado track greenhouse gas emissions to meet reduction goals and protect our environment. The bill now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration.
“People in my district depend on clean land, water, and air for their personal enjoyment and livelihood, but climate change is putting that at risk,” said Senator Donovan. “This bill is an important step towards protecting our environment while ensuring that the businesses powering our local economies can continue to operate in the years ahead.”
This legislation would require the Air Quality Control Commission to collect greenhouse gas emissions data throughout the state. This commission would then produce a report and forecast future emissions, as well as propose the most cost-effective way for Colorado to meet its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. The Air Quality Control Commission, which is part of the Department of Public Health and Environment, must complete all bill requirements by July 1, 2020.
“I am lucky to represent one of the most beautiful parts of our state and this bill will ensure it remains beautiful for future generations,” added Senator Donovan.
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