Denver, CO – The Colorado State Senate recently voted 20-to-14 (with 1 excused) to pass SB19-005, Import Prescription Drugs From Canada, a bill sponsored by Senators Joann Ginal (D- Fort Collins) and Robert Rodriguez (D- Denver) to lower the cost of prescription drugs for Coloradans by importing them from Canada. The bill now heads to the Colorado House of Representatives for consideration.

Americans often pay far more for the exact same prescription drug as consumers in other countries. For example, Proventil inhalers for asthma cost $73 dollars in the United States, but only $21 in Canada. Americans pay more than $200 per month for Crestor, a popular cholesterol drug, while Canadian patients can pay less than $50 dollars per month for the same drug.

“Coloradans shouldn’t have to skip meals, decrease dosages, or cut pills in half to be able to afford the medication they need,” said Senator Rodriguez. “Many Americans are already importing prescription drugs illegally from Canada because they are so much cheaper. This legislation will set up a program that makes sure people have access to safe, affordable prescription medications.”

“Voters made it clear that lowering the cost of healthcare should be a top priority, and I am proud to sponsor such important legislation that will ultimately save Coloradans money on the medicines they need,” said Senator Ginal. “Importing prescription drugs from Canada is an innovative, safe way to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.”

SB19-005 will require the department of health care policy and financing to design a program to import pharmaceutical drugs from Canada for sale to Colorado consumers. The program will ensure safety and cost savings so that Coloradans can afford their prescription medications.

“This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue as we’ve seen other states – both red and blue – carry similar legislation. This is about making medications more available to the people who need them,” added Senator Ginal.

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