April 15, 2019

Denver, CO – The Colorado State Senate today voted unanimously to pass SB19-202, Voting Rights For Voters With Disabilities, a bill sponsored by Senators Jessie Danielson (D-Wheat Ridge) and Rachel Zenzinger (D-Arvada) that would give voters with disabilities greater access to ballots that would fit their specific needs. It now moves to the Colorado House of Representatives for consideration.

“Everyone’s vote matters, and if there are barriers to voting because someone might have a disability, we should do away with that barrier,” said Senator Danielson. “A disability does not disqualify you from participating in the democratic process, and this bill will make it easier for those who have a disability to cast their vote.”  

“Lack of accessibility to voting is a huge concern when it comes to ensuring Colorado’s democracy is available to every Coloradan,” said Senator Zenzinger. “This bill makes it clear that everyone should be able to vote, regardless of physical ability, and will help make that ideal a reality.”

The bill requires the secretary of state to establish a process to enable voters with disabilities to mark a paper ballot using nonvisual access or low vision access technology whether the voter is voting in a mail ballot election or voting at a polling location.For more information on this bill please visit: http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb19-202.