April 16, 2019

Denver, CO – The Colorado State Senate yesterday voted 24-to-11 to advance SB19-135, State Procurement Disparity Study, a bill sponsored by Senators Angela Williams (D-Denver) and Robert Rodriguez (D-Denver) that would require Colorado to conduct a disparity study of how state procurement contracts are awarded to underutilized businesses. The bill now heads to the Colorado House of Representatives for consideration.

“SB19-135 will strengthen the fairness and the justice of the state procurement process,” said Senator Williams. “It will allow businesses to compete more fairly and strengthen our economy, and I am proud that it is well on its way to becoming law.”

“This bill is about giving every business a chance to compete in a fair and transparent process for state contracts,” said Senator Rodriguez. “It has the potential to really change the lives of small businesses owners all across Colorado, and I am glad the Senate agrees.”

SB19-135 would require the state to conduct a disparity study, directing the Colorado Department of Personnel to contract with an independent entity to study the state’s procurement process and make recommendations to address any discrepancies identified by the study.

For more information on the bill, please visit: http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb19-135.