May 2, 2019

Denver, CO — The Colorado State Senate voted unanimously to pass SJR19-010, Joint Rule Changes For Workplace Policies, a Senate and House joint rule change that updates the Capitol’s workplace harassment policy to better protect victims. It now heads to the Colorado House of Representatives for consideration.

“We have an obligation to raise the standard of our workplace harassment policies in the Capitol so the culture is both respectful and inclusive,” said President Leroy Garcia. “Those of us on both sides of the aisle have spent a significant amount of time having robust conversations about what the best approach looks like, and I believe that we have passed a policy that the Senate can be proud of.”

“Filing a harassment complaint is an incredibly intimidating process, and the number one reason why people don’t file one is because of fear of retaliation,” said Senator Faith Winter (D-Westminster). “That is why we insisted on the inclusion of an amendment that depoliticized the process and prioritized the confidentiality of complainants.”

According to the joint rule, the Office of Legislative Workplace Relations in the Office of Legislative Legal Services will develop a workplace harassment policy applicable to all legislators, legislative employees, and third parties – including lobbyists. The policy must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Legislative Council. A full list of the requirements of the workplace harassment policy can be found here.

The joint rule includes amendment L.001, an amendment introduced by Senator Winter that would protect the identity of those who file workplace harassment complaints in the Capitol.

“I am grateful to everyone who participated in the creation of this new policy and believe that the changes we’ve passed will make a powerful difference to those who have experienced harassment,” added Senator Winter.