May 17, 2019

Vail, CO – Governor Jared Polis today signed into law several bills sponsored by Senator Kerry Donovan (D-Vail) that will support hardworking Coloradans in rural communities across the state by lowering healthcare costs and growing local economies.


“Too many Coloradans have to make tough decisions when it comes to healthcare, but we’ve worked to provide them much needed relief, especially those who live in rural communities with few options, little competition, and high prices,” said Senator Donovan. “Healthcare was a top issues for people all across the High Country, and I am proud to see these innovative, Colorado solutions that will give Coloradans affordable options signed into law.”

SB19-004 – a bill that addresses the high cost of healthcare by allowing cooperatives to incorporate consumer protections and empower consumers to negotiate lower rates on a collective basis directly with providers.

HB19-1004 – a bill that works to create a state option for more affordable healthcare coverage that increases competition, particularly in communities with few insurance options.

HB19-1168 – a bill to lower the cost of premiums for many people in Colorado by helping cover the most high risk individuals through a reinsurance program. The High Country may see a 20 percent decrease in individual plans.

SD-5 Specific Bills: 

“We need to support communities, businesses, and locals who call the High Country home, and these bills will do that by protecting our native species, ensuring our roads and ski lifts are safe, and giving cities and counties a greater say in what their businesses with outdoor areas can serve,” said Senator Donovan.

HB19-1207 – a bill that will update requirements for passenger motor vehicles to meet traction-control standards in winter conditions.

SB19-141 – a bill that expands what entities can have an entertainment district.

SB19-159 – a bill that reauthorizes the tramway safety board to continue to ensure the safety of ski lifts.

HB19-1259 – a bill that will protect native species that are listed as threatened or endangered by state or federal law.