Denver, CO – In response to reports about the Trump administration’s detention of asylum seekers in abysmal conditions, 40 Democrats in the General Assembly wrote the following letter calling on Colorado’s Congressional delegation to resolve the immigration crisis facing our country:

We, the undersigned members of the Colorado General Assembly, are appalled to read reports about the Trump administration’s detention of asylum seekers in abysmal conditions, and the recent reports of ICE’s plans to conduct deportation raids this week across the country and here in Colorado. These actions are meant to stoke fear and undermine the community’s trust, which will make us all less safe. 

We remind Colorado’s immigrant and refugee families that the U.S. Constitution protects us all, regardless of our immigration status. To that end, we share Know Your Rights [link:] resources so that families can avail themselves of Constitutional protections. We also invite Coloradans to call the Colorado Rapid Response Hotline at 1-844-864-8341 to document and report concerns about ICE activity. 

Lastly, we call on our Colorado Congressional delegation — both Republicans and Democrats, in both the House and Senate — to stop pointing fingers and to get to work to resolve this immigration crisis. Coloradans elected us all to solve real problems, and we need you, our partners in Congress, to support common-sense and humane solutions that align with the American public’s support, including reforming our broken immigration system, ensuring greater accountability of ICE, and ending the separation of families by ensuring fair asylum processes. 

[In alphabetical order by last name] 

Speaker KC Becker

Representative Adrienne Benavidez

Representative Shannon Bird 

Senator Jeff Bridges

Representative Yadira Caraveo

Representative James Rashad Coleman 

Senator Lois Court 

Representative Lisa Cutter 

Senator Jessie Danielson

Representative Monica Duran

Representative Tony Exum

Representative Daneya Esgar

Senator Steve Fenberg 

Senator Rhonda Fields 

Senator Mike Foote

Senator Joann Ginal 

Senator Julie Gonzales 

Representative Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez

Representative Chris Hansen

Representative Leslie Herod

Representative Edie Hooton 

Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet

Representative Cathy Kipp

Senator Pete Lee

Representative Susan Lontine

Representative Julie McCluskie 

Representative Barbara McLachlan 

Senator Dominick Moreno 

Senator Brittany Pettersen 

Senator Robert Rodriguez

Representative Jonathan Singer 

Representative Emily Sirota 

Senator Tammy Story 

Representative Brianna Titone 

Senator Nancy Todd

Representative Alex Valdez 

Representative Mike Weissman 

Senator Angela Williams

Senator Faith Winter

Senator Rachel Zenzinger