Denver, CO — Last session, a bipartisan group of lawmakers passed HB19-1004, which tasked the state with developing a proposal for something that has never been done before: a state option for insurance.

After over 20 public meetings across the state, 260 formal public comments, and extensive data and financial analysis, we are pleased that the final proposal is being released today. This proposal contains the parameters for a fiscally responsible and transformative state insurance option that will increase Coloradan’s choices and lower prices. First and foremost we are excited that will continue to bring down the cost of care in the individual market and give rural Coloradans more choices on the insurance market. Now, the proposal is being sent to the Legislature where we will work with all interested stakeholders and our colleagues on both sides of the aisle to craft legislation to move the ideas in this proposal forward.

Representative Dylan Roberts and Senator Kerry Donovan will be two of the sponsors of legislation in the coming 2020 legislative session to fully implement Colorado’s state health insurance option, the first of its kind in the nation.

“HB19-1004 was a major bipartisan victory for Colorado last legislative session, and I am proud to have carried this bill through the House and excited today see the results of that work,” said Rep. Dylan Roberts (D-Avon). “The plan released today is a promising and well thought-out proposal for an insurance option that will result in more choices, shared accountability across the health care industry, and lower prices. I thank the Polis administration for their thoughtful outreach and meticulous work in putting this proposal together. Now, the legislature is tasked with moving this forward and I am excited to work with my colleagues and all stakeholders to craft and pass legislation that enacts a first-in-the-nation public insurance option that works for Colorado. The bottom line is that no Coloradan should go without the security of health insurance coverage and in Colorado, cost is too large a barrier for too many — that is the problem we are seeking to solve.”

“Working with Rep. Roberts and the Polis administration on this proposal has renewed my faith in the power of people to take on huge challenges like addressing the underlying reasons of high health care costs,” said Senator Kerry Donovan (D-Vail). “We still must work on mental health and rural funding, but this plan is a big piece of the overall solution. I look forward to crafting a bill that responsibly moves this state option forward. We know that leading the nation with new ideas can be challenging, but Coloradans deserve solutions to the high cost of health care.”

More details on the State Public Option Proposal can be found by clicking here.