Healthcare is a human right.  Caring for your basic well being should be one of the simplest parts of life, not a complicated nightmare that leaves you thousands of dollars in debt even if you have insurance.

Our agenda cracks down on out of control pharmaceutical companies and provides every Coloradan with access to healthcare through a public option.

Housing & cost of living

Over the past several decades, working families have been hit hard by a brutal economic reality: everything keeps getting more expensive, but people barely make enough money to keep up.

Our agenda expands affordable housing and protects consumers from predatory practices by landlords and Internet service providers.

Anti-corruption reform

The root cause of almost every major struggle facing the working class is a political system corrupted by money. We must do everything in our power to build a political system that works for the people, not billionaires and big donors.

Our agenda creates transparency requirements for secretive “dark money” groups and ends unlimited money in school board and county elections.


Every child deserves a world-class education — no matter how much money their parents make. Yet despite Colorado’s booming economy, we spend $2,100 less per K-12 student than the national average. It’s crucial that we do right by our children and invest in their future.

Our agenda guarantees full-day Kindergarten for all Colorado children and ensures no child goes hungry at school.

Clean air, land, & water

Colorado’s natural beauty, resources, and public lands must be conserved for future generations. With the existential threat of climate change looming, it’s more important than ever that we invest in renewable energy sources and drastically reduce pollution.

Our agenda sets a target of 100% renewable energy by 2035 and protects our communities & public lands from dangerous oil & gas activities.

Safe communities

We live in a time of escalating threats to the safety of our fellow Coloradans — from demagoguery of vulnerable groups to wildly irresponsible behavior by unaccountable corporations. Now more than ever, we must rally around one another and take decisive action to keep our communities safe.

Our agenda protects Coloradans from demagoguery, exploitation, and irresponsible corporate actions. 

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