Ban unlimited money in school board and county elections

There are currently no contribution limits on candidates at the county level. This means that candidates for offices such a county commissioner and school board can accept unlimited political contributions from corporations and wealthy individuals. There are also weak disclosure requirements, making it difficult for the press and public to find out who these candidates are taking money from, or how much.

Passing legislation to close this glaring loophole in state campaign finance law is one of our top priorities. We support legislation that would apply the existing low contribution limits and disclosure requirements for state-level races to county-level elections as well.

End secret money in Colorado politics

The Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling unleashed a wave of secretive outside groups that pour millions of dollars into our elections with zero transparency. Our current disclosure laws are incredibly weak, making it difficult for the press and public to track where the money is coming from.

We support legislation that requires disclosure of who’s paying for the political ads monied interests use to flood our airwaves and push their agendas.

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