100% renewable electricity by 2035

Climate change is an existential threat that must be confronted, making the transition to renewable energy more urgent than ever. Renewables also present Colorado with an opportunity to be a leader in a technological revolution that prioritizes public health, creates thousands of well-paying jobs, and ensures that our air, land, and water endure as a resource for all Coloradans for generations to come.

There is already fierce competition among the states to attract jobs in industries like wind, solar, and energy storage. Wind and solar are now cheaper than gas or coal. Wind technicians in eastern Colorado start at annual salaries of $55,000. Our energy future is staring us in the face — we can’t afford to let this opportunity pass us by.

We owe it to our children to make the most of the clean energy revolution and fight the unprecedented global threat that is climate change. We support legislation to transition Colorado to 100% renewable electricity sources by 2035.

Give local governments the power to ban fracking

The PROTECT Act simply ensures that oil and gas drilling and fracking operations are treated like any other industrial activity. Local governments have a right to plan, zone, and refuse to allow oil and gas operations as they see fit — just as they do with every other industry.

No city or county should be forced to allow drilling and fracking operations to set up shop across the street from homes and schools. The oil and gas industry is not entitled to special treatment. After the Firestone tragedy, it’s abundantly clear that we cannot rely on industry “self-policing” alone to prevent grave threats to public safety.

Ban drilling near schools & neighborhoods

Drilling and fracking operations are extremely loud, emit toxic fumes into our air, and seep unknown chemical cocktails into our water. These dangerous industrial activities are a clear safety hazard and belong nowhere near our children’s schools. We support legislation to prohibit drilling and fracking activities within 1000ft of schools, including the ground underneath them.

Require public disclosure of underground oil & gas lines

Astonishingly, there is no legal requirement for fossil fuel companies to disclose the location of buried oil & gas lines. The public has a right to know how close gas lines are to their homes and schools, especially in the wake of the tragic home explosion caused by a faulty gas line in Firestone. We support “well mapping” legislation that simply requires oil & gas companies to disclose the location of all buried oil & gas lines to the public in a transparent, accessible way.

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