Guarantee full-day Kindergarten for all Colorado children

Early childhood education is one of the most important factors in a student’s long-term success. Children who attend full-day Kindergarten programs are much more likely to graduate and avoid repeating grades. We support legislation to ensure that all Colorado children — regardless of income or which part of the state they call home — have access to full-day Kindergarten.

Ensure no child in Colorado goes hungry at school

Colorado’s free and reduced lunch program currently only covers children through 5th grade, leaving behind thousands of middle and high school students across the state who are often forced to skip meals. Being hungry at school drastically reduces students’ ability to focus and learn. We support legislation to ensure that no Colorado child goes hungry at school by expanding the free and reduced lunch program.

Expand access to Arts education in public schools

Arts education has been shown to improve students’ overall academic performance, future job opportunities, and civic engagement. This crucial component of children’s’ educational development should not be limited to wealthy families who can afford to send their kids to expensive private schools.

Under current law, the accreditation for school districts and the state charter school institute (institute) and the level of performance for public schools is based on the attainment of specified performance indicators. We support legislation to create an additional performance indicator that measures the degree to which a public school, a school district, or the institute provides access to courses or educational programs in dance, drama and theater, music, and visual arts. The state board of education would also be required to adopt rules by which a public school, a school district, or the institute will receive additional credit toward the accreditation or performance ratings based on the arts performance indicator.

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