Prohibit trigger activation devices

A ban on fully automatic weapons (guns that fire continuously when the trigger is held down) was signed into law by President Reagan in 1986. However, several publicly-available devices allow people to circumvent this ban by modifying semi-automatic weapons to fire at near-fully automatic rates.

We witnessed the horrifying killing power of these modified weapons firsthand during the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, where one gunman shot more than 540 people (killing 48) in just ten minutes. We support legislation to prohibit the sale of “trigger activation devices” like the “bump stock” used in the Las Vegas shooting in Colorado.

Require public disclosure of Internet privacy and data breaches

People have a right to know if their personal information has been compromised in a data breach or hack, such as the recent breach of credit reporting companies like Equifax. We support legislation requiring corporations to disclose all data breaches to the Attorney General’s office as well as provide timely, written notice to consumers when their personal information is compromised.

Ban conversion “therapy”

Conversion “therapy” is a practice by which parents force LGBTQ children into programs aimed at “reversing” their sexual orientation or gender identity. This unscientific, hateful practice is akin to psychological torture and has no place in a civilized society. We strongly support legislation to ban conversion “therapy” in Colorado.

811 Bill

Also known as “know before you dig,” this legislation improves the existing state hotline that provides information on the location of buried oil and gas lines. The 811 number gives Coloradans engaging in home improvement and construction projects with a simple way to determine if their dig plans are safe.

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