Every child deserves a world-class education, no matter where they live or how much money their parents make. It is crucial that we do right by our children and invest in their future by making a quality education accessible from kindergarten all the way through college. 

Regulate Student Loan Servicers

Student loan companies often take advantage of students, charge excessive fees, and do not provide adequate information to borrowers. The result? There are more than 765,000 student loan borrowers in Colorado who have an outstanding debt of nearly $19 billion. We will strive to finally regulate companies that service student loans and create a student loan ombudsman to investigate complaints and provide assistance and education to borrowers.

Increase Loan Forgiveness Programs for Educators

An estimated 3,000 teacher jobs remain unfilled in Colorado, particularly in rural districts and in certain fields including math, science, and special Education. To address this shortage, we are working to improve — and finally fund — an existing program that would providing applicants as much as $5,000 in loan forgiveness upon completion of a year of teaching in a targeted geographically or subject area.  

Strengthen Title IX Protections

Under the Trump administration, we’ve seen proposed changes that would make it more difficult for victims to report sexual harassment and assault and possibly lead to retaliation against those who do report. By requiring institutions of higher education to adopt, periodically review, and update a policy on sexual misconduct, we can reduce harassment and assault on college campuses in order to ensure everyone has access to education.

Provide Assistant to Teachers in Rural Districts

Rural school districts in Colorado are feeling the brunt of the state’s teacher shortage. That’s why we will fight for legislation to increase both the number of stipends available AND the total amount of the stipend available to students in teacher preparation programs who agree to teach in rural schools.

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