There are many critical challenges facing Coloradans in addition to working on issues like healthcare, education, the economy, the environment, and criminal justice reform. From protecting a free and open internet to making sure it’s accessible to folks in rural communities, we will work to pass legislation that improves the lives of Coloradans across the state. And we will keep standing up against hate and bigotry by working to end the practice of “conversion therapy” on LGBTQ children.

Ban conversion “therapy”

Conversion “therapy” is a practice by which parents force LGBTQ children into programs aimed at “reversing” their sexual orientation or gender identity. This unscientific, hateful practice is akin to psychological torture and has no place in a civilized society. We strongly support legislation to ban conversion “therapy” in Colorado.

Net Neutrality

A free and open Internet is a crucial component of modern life. The Trump administration’s decision to gut federal net neutrality laws leaves Colorado consumers vulnerable to throttling, censorship, and even worse, more expensive service from internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast and CenturyLink. The Net Neutrality rollback is also terrible for local small businesses, most of which will be unable to pay ISPs for the faster website loading times purchased by big corporations.

We are currently collaborating with our colleagues in the House to develop a policy that extends Net Neutrality protections to as many Colorado consumers as possible.

Expand affordable broadband access to rural communities

Fast, reliable, and affordable Internet access is an essential part of modern life and business, and should not be denied to Coloradans who live outside of the Front Range. We support legislation to move money into a dedicated broadband fund for new infrastructure projects to encourage the expansion of broadband to rural communities.

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