Lucía Guzmán

Senate District 34 (Northwest Denver County)

The Reverend Lucía Guzmán, who was unanimously elected Senate Minority Leader in July 2015, was born in Texas to Mexican farm workers. A first-generation Hispanic with a passion for the human rights of all people, she has made a profession out of ensuring fairness and justice for people from all walks of life.

In March 2018, she switched roles with then-Assistant Minority Leader Sen. Leroy Garcia to help mentor the next generation of Senate Democrats for the remainder of her final term in the Colorado Senate. Sen. Guzman now serves as Assistant Minority Leader.

Since her election to the Senate in the November 2010 election, she has served as Vice-Chair and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and has served on the Senate Finance Committee, and the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Committee.

Senator Guzmán has also served on the Committee on Legal Services, and currently chairs the Legislative Audit Committee. In 2013, she served as President Pro Tempore and was re-elected to her final term in 2014. She was elected by her colleagues as the Senate Minority Leader, and is the first openly gay Senate Minority Leader, as well as the first Hispanic person to hold the position.

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