John Kefalas

Senate District 14 (Fort Collins)

Senator John Kefalas serves the people of Senate District 14, which spans Fort Collins. John served first as a Representative from 2007-2012, and is completing the first year of his second 4-year term as a State Senator.

He is a member of the following legislative committees of reference: Local Government; Business, Labor and Technology; Health and Human Services, and he is also a member of the Capital Development Committee. In addition, John serves on the Health Insurance Exchange Oversight Committee and the Behavioral Health Transformation Council.

From 2009 – 2014 John led the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force and served on the Flood Disaster Recovery Committee and the Early Childhood and School Readiness Legislative Commission in 2013 and 2014, respectively. He teaches public policy graduate courses at Colorado State University as a part-time adjunct faculty member. For more information please visit

A dedicated citizen legislator, John strongly believes in creating opportunities for meaningful civic engagement and deliberative democracy. He has conducted about 200 town hall meetings, issues forums and community conversations since being first elected to public office.

John has championed bringing people together around common-ground and bipartisan solutions to help middle-class and lower-income working Coloradans – building an economy that serves the people with a focus on shared prosperity. He has won numerous awards for his legislative efforts, while passing laws to help create jobs; expand economic opportunities; address poverty; reduce taxes for working Coloradans and small businesses; protect consumers, seniors and children; advance the dignity of persons with disabilities; promote renewable energy and efficiency; advance quality child care and education; and lower costs while increasing value in our health care systems.

In the past four years, some of John’s more significant legislative achievements include the Colorado Working Families Economic Opportunity Act (2013) that restores the Colorado Earned Income Tax Credit in 2016 to put more money in the pockets of 350,000 working families. In 2014, he passed laws to help address problems arising from the 2013 Great Flood as a member of the Flood Disaster Recovery Study Committee.

In 2014, he also passed laws in the following areas: advanced industries tax credit to help startup Colorado companies; a strategic plan to address the waiting list for services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities; the childcare expenses tax credit; CORA fees; human trafficking, prescription drug abuse; the CO Childcare Assistance Program (CCCAP); the Aid to Needy and Disabled Program; the Property Tax Rent and Heat Rebate Program; the Low-Income Senior Dental Program; and Community Development Financial Institutions.

In 2015, John passed laws in the areas of telehealth; treatment for children with Autism; child welfare, child support; the ABLE Act (that allows tax advantaged savings accounts for families and persons with disabilities); and greater transparency of special districts. In 2016, John passes laws in the areas of: early childhood development, child welfare, employment for persons with disabilities, human trafficking and others. During the recent 2017 legislative session, John passes laws in the areas of: open and transparent government, veterans’ services, childcare, advanced industries investment, health care, adoptions, public benefit corporations and affordable housing.

A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, former school teacher, health outreach worker, job-training counselor, self-sufficiency advisor, community organizer and policy advocate, Sen. Kefalas was first elected to the Statehouse in 2006 and quickly proved himself a hard-working, honest and accessible representative. In 2008, he received a record number of votes in House District 52, becoming the first Democrat re-elected in the district in over half a century. Kefalas won his third term in office in 2010 when he received 57% of the vote. In 2012, Kefalas was elected by a wide margin of 58% to 36% with the remainder of the vote going to third-party candidates. In his 2016 re-election campaign, he won by 62% of the vote in SD-14.

Sen. Kefalas chaired and served on the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force for five years (HB09-1014), which focused on building a fair and sustainable economy through expanding economic opportunity and cutting poverty in half by 2019. In the past, Sen. Kefalas has served on numerous community boards and has been involved in local, national and international peace, justice and environmental work for over 40 years. A 1978 graduate of Colorado State University (CSU), John has a Masters of Art in Teaching from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.  He worked with Catholic Charities as a public policy advocate and community development coordinator for seven years. John teaches an advanced practice social welfare policy analysis graduate course as a part-time adjunct faculty member in the School of CSU Social Work.

Sen. Kefalas has been married for 36 years to Beth who retired from Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Collins as the Music and Worship Assistant after 18 years of service. They have two wonderful sons and four amazing, beautiful and brilliant grandchildren. Tim, his younger son, graduated from CSU in 2008 and lives and works in Fort Collins with his wife Shayna, and they recently had a baby girl, Mila. Tim coaches the CSU Ultimate Team. Harlan is a married to Tracey and their three children are Lillie, Barbara and John. Harlan is has served in the US Army for 18 years. He has served in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan and is currently a Sergeant First Class stationed at Fort Meade, MD.

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