Andy Kerr

Senate District 22 (Jefferson County)

Senator Kerr won his race for the Senate District 22 seat in the 2012 election, and took office in the Senate after completing three terms in the House of Representatives serving House District 26. Since joining the State Assembly in 2006, Senator Kerr has been a fighter for our schools, our health, our seniors, and our economy. Today, he is a member of the Senate Business, Labor, and Technology and Senate Finance Committees.

During his time at the Capitol, Senator Kerr has been a tireless advocate for education as well as building high-performance schools and creating renewable energy opportunities in schools, at home, and for business.

Senator Kerr has spent over a decade with the Jefferson County Public Schools as a teacher and curriculum specialist, and has worked with many boards and organizations committed to improving education in Colorado. He is currently teaching online social studies courses to middle and high school students at the JeffCo’s 21st Century Virtual Academy.

He is a certified snowboard instructor and taught two seasons at Loveland Ski Resort. He and his wife Tammy have been married for 13 years, and they are raising two sons and a daughter. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in geography from CU-Boulder along with his teaching certificate. He has a master’s degree in information and learning technologies from CU-Denver.

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