Williams, Angela

Angela Williams

Senate District 33 (Denver)

Senator Angela Williams was first elected to represent Colorado House of Representatives, District 7 in 2010, in the House of Representatives she served as the Chairwoman of the powerful Business Affairs & Labor Committee and Legislative Council Committee. She served as the Majority Caucus Chair 2014-2106 and is the first African American female to hold this position in the state’s history. She is also the founding Chair of the Colorado Black Democratic Legislative Caucus. She currently serves as Chair of the Business, Labor and Technology Committee and as Vice Chair of the Local Government Committee.

Known as a leader who gets things done Williams puts Coloradoans first, working collaboratively with both sides of the partisan aisle in a persistent effort to prioritize consensus on complicated issues. Using her business experience, political acumen, and bi-partisan relationships she has passed crucial legislation such as; reforming 40 year old Telecommunications laws, establishing Collective Bargaining for Firefighters to ensure they have the necessary equipment to protect public safety, Compensation for the Wrongly Convicted to ensure justice is served, ASSET to provide in-state tuition for undocumented students, Expanding Doctor’s Choice for Injured Workers protecting the working class.

She also passed a $10M grant for WORK Force Development to recruit and train skilled workforce, Rebuilding Trust Between Community & Police, police protections for community and our youth. Williams has received National recognition for her work on police reforms. Also updating 80-year-old state Liquor License Laws, and passing Equitable Resources for Charter Schools to ensure all children have resources for a quality education. Angela defends women’s rights, protecting and advancing equality for all women remains a priority.

Prior to being elected to the Senate, Angela represented House District 7 in the Colorado House of Representatives for six years. Before pursuing a life in public service, Angela was the Principal Owner of the Angela William Allstate Insurance Agency for 14 years. She is now the Principal of AW Consulting Inc.

Angela resides in the Stapleton neighborhood. When she is not working and serving constituents, Angela spends her time volunteering for charity, mentoring youth and young professionals, cycling and enjoying our state’s numerous trails, parks and outdoor spaces.

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