Healthcare. Education. A well-paying job. The building blocks of a good life should be for all, not just a privileged few.

Over the past several decades, working families have been hit hard by a brutal economic reality: everything keeps getting more expensive, but people barely make enough money to keep up.

Cost of living continues to climb, but pay stays the same. A lifetime of savings can be wiped out by one medical emergency or the price of college tuition. Workers have few protections, few benefits, and no job security.

This is not the inevitable outcome of abstract economic forces beyond our control, but a ruthless campaign by monied interests who use our political system to extract & hoard as much wealth as they can.

A better world is possible.

Together, we will stand up to the billionaire class and tirelessly fight for the interests of working-class Coloradans. We pledge to:

Fight to help working families secure stable, well-paying jobs and put down roots in their communities. That means better roads and infrastructure, access to high-quality education, and unequivocally protecting worker’s rights.

Fight to reduce the day-to-day costs weighing on household budgets like healthcare, housing, utilities, and childcare.

Fight to conserve Colorado’s unique natural resources and beauty by protecting our air, land, and water from pollution and climate change.

Fight to protect the people of our state from demagoguery and exploitation regardless of race, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, or income.

Fight to protect our institutions from systemic corruption with strong campaign finance and anti-corruption laws. The government must work for the people, not billionaires and corporate donors. 

The building blocks of a good life should be for everyone, not just a privileged few.

A better world is possible — for all.

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