On critical issues like the economy, education, healthcare, and the environment, we will keep working to find solutions to the everyday issues facing communities across Colorado.

Skyrocketing healthcare costs mean too many Coloradans can’t access the care they need. A college education can bury a student under mountains of debt. The opioid epidemic is devastating communities across Colorado.

Although the problems we face are great, Coloradans do not give up in the face of challenges. When it comes to getting things done for Colorado families, we will always put results before partisan politics. Together, we will work to ensure that every Coloradan can achieve their American Dream.

To improve the lives of everyday Coloradans, we will focus on:

Building a Fair Economy

Every hardworking Coloradan deserves a fair shot at success. That’s why we are committed to building a fair economy by focusing the bread and butter issues that matter to Colorado families, like access to affordable healthcare, housing, and child care. If we’re going to help more hardworking Coloradans get ahead, we need to make sure they have good working conditions, workplaces that play by fair rules, and wages that keep up with rising expenses. Our fight for a fair economy will improve the lives of Coloradans in every corner of this great state.

Protecting the Colorado Way of Life

Colorado is special, in part thanks to our unique landscapes and natural resources. But if we don’t act to protect them in the face of a changing climate, we won’t have them for long. It is up to us to lead the way towards innovative solutions that protect our land, water, and air and conserve them for future generations of Coloradans.

Investing in Colorado’s Future

We must invest in the future of our state. That means making sure that Coloradans are able to access a quality K-12 education no matter where they live. It means ensuring Coloradans can pursue a college degree without breaking the bank or being saddled in debt for the rest of their lives. It means investing in our state’s infrastructure and transportation to strengthen the safety, sustainability, and efficiency of our communities. And it means making sure the next generation of Coloradans can access and afford the opportunities they need to get ahead.